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Uniting people of African descent. Building the capacity of ethno-cultural organizations to support and promote community engagement and participation.


Whether celebrating cultures or contributing to the health and wellbeing of our people, ACAO has been a frontrunner rallying support for a healthy community.


We are humbled to say ACAO now boasts of 49 country associations and growing. Our strength is in our membership. We have empowered leaders who are selfless and committed in th



We are working to control our own narratives. What the mainstream media write about our experiences are often not true. Let’s promote our own stories let the mainstream know of our experiences. Let

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We face challenges at all levels of Canadian education system not because we are not smart. In face Statistics Canada data indicate 34% of racialized Canadians have at least first degree compared to 2

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Our Health

Poverty makes people sick. Mental health issues are on the increase in our community, however, stigma and lack of resources will not allow us to seek help, most of the time. African Caribbean and the

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Economic Integration

Black Canadians constitute 1 million of the Canadian population. This number is projected to double by 2036. Today, black communities across Canadian face unique challenges  that affect their integra

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Criminal Justice Reform

There are 70 per cent more Black Canadians in federal prisons than there were 10 years ago.

What are we doing about it? There is an opportunity to join ACAO advocacy committee as we work to address obvious systemic issues affecting the black community. The hyper incarceration of black youth is troubling, and we cannot stay silence.

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Universal Remembrance ServiceUniversal Remembrance Service

Join us this Sunday March 24, 2019 as we come together as a City and Community to Remember the Galant 157 passengers who lost their lives in the Ethiopia Airlines ET302 crash.