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WE’RE ACAO, AN UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION for ACB Country Associations in Ottawa

Thus Far We’ve Come

It all started 2015 when Uganda Association of Ottawa partnered with Somerset West CHC to organized the
first Multiculturalism Day event. Following the event, leaders of Nigeria and Ghana met with two Somerset West
staff to discuss how we could expand future events to cover the entire Africa.

2016 Multiculturalism Day Event and Inauguration

We had our first joint multiculturalism event where many countries including, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda,
Burundi, Ghana, Congo DR. participated. The 2016 was successful and colourful. More than 300 people
attended. The general feedback from people was very positive.

The Congo-DRC and Ugandan dancers as well as Burundian Drummers entertained the audience. The Burundian
community also brought some food. The Kenyans prepared various delicacies that impressed other Africans.
The Ghanaians prepared puff-puff at the park and gave them out for free. The Nigerians brought the Fancy
Dress Acrobat who performed various tricks.

However, there was a general consensus that many more countries have to join. We started making calls
and today some 41 country leaders have answered that call to serve.

ACAO was officially inaugurated on June 27, 2016 following the 2016 Multiculturalism Day event at the
City Hall. See the inauguration cake.

Doing what it takes to realize our mission- Nothing stops us

  • To unite people of African descent in Ottawa
  • To promote unity in diversity
  • To showcase our cultural values
  • To serve as a forum for discussion of issues affecting our community
  • To help integrate newcomers into Canada
  • To celebrate Afro-Caribbean & Canadian Heritage and pass on to our Children

We are passionate about what we do- serving our people.