CBC News host Wendy Mesley has been suspended for using a “word that should never be used” during an editorial discussion about Black Lives Matter and media coverage of racism.

Mesley took to Twitter to explain herself, claiming she “quoted” another journalist she was planning to interview on a panel, but did not identify the word in question.

She said it “was not aimed at anyone” and “was wrong to say it.” She added that she is “deeply ashamed” and “immediately apologized to her co-workers.”

Responding to questions about the word she used, CBC’s Head of Public Affairs Chuck Thompson declined to go into detail.

Mesley, who hosts the Sunday program The Weekly, is now off the air pending the outcome of an investigation by CBC.



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  1. Miguel
    Miguel says:

    Let this serve as a warning to people who think they can say whatever comes into their heads. Organizations should do more than just suspending and firing. They should have honest conversations around anti-black racism and review their policies using the ARAO lens.


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