Meanwhile in Canada, an Ottawa woman identified as Shania Lavallee reportedly circulated a Snapchat video online that appeared to mock George Floyd’s death.

Shania reportedy shared the video of her sister Justine Lavallee, who is a Program Officer at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and Justine’s boyfriend, Gilmour Maurice Driscoll, who seemed to be re-enacting his final moments.

Shania has since issued an apology, saying they were “play fighting” and she sees how it could be “taken out of context.”

Her employer, Boston Pizza Orleans, which is minority-owned, said she was “terminated immediately.”

Update: Earlier reports indicated that Shania Lavalle worked for the Ottawa Catholic School Board but OCSB said she is NOT one of their employees. 

Correction: An earlier version of this post mistated that Shania Lavellee was a Ottawa U student. She recently graduated from the University of Ottawa.

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  1. Unnamed
    Unnamed says:

    This is awful. Please know this – this racist hateful video does NOT speak for the uniformed officers who day to day work to provide safety, security and reunification to families of Canada. We stand with you during these angry events and in one voice denounce racism in all its forms.

    • WHAT?!?
      WHAT?!? says:

      unnamed, they are just as bad for not doing anythung about their folleagues. Just. As. Bad.

    • Are You Serious
      Are You Serious says:

      Have you seen the video? I did, please explain to me what was said in the video? What reference to George Floyd was made?????? Find something of honest substance to do, innocent people are being hurt!

    • Ryan Halley
      Ryan Halley says:

      This picture was taken out of context, they were play fighting. Stop believing everything you see on the internet

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      It’s not racist. It’s playing around making a crude joke that people perceive as racism. They are not oppressing anyone. She shouldn’t be fired and have her work destroyed for something that people took out of context.

  2. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    It is unfortunate to joke with such a sensitive matter. But the devil’s purpose through you shall cause problems for our beautiful country Canada.

  3. Rational person
    Rational person says:

    How awesome that we have internet watchdogs to ruin people’s lives over a joke. I’m sure living in a world where one has to live in an anodyne manner lest some internet busybody snitch on them is a world I want to live in. Diversity is our strength

  4. Brad
    Brad says:

    And this young woman is a university student!….she has fucked her career and her life through
    such an ignorant act!

  5. Faten
    Faten says:

    Unfortunately, yes it does. There is a lot of racism among uniformed officers and particularly at the CBSA. I am of an Arab background but I grew up here and when my cousin considered coming to study here, she was mistreated by officer Lafrance, who claimed she was taking up seats that belong to Canadians. She threatened her and treated her like a criminal. We didn’t get justice in this matter no matter how much we pushed for it, we were silenced, even after putting in a formal complaint with the ministry and reaching out to our local MP. The things that happen here are always hushed because Canadians of all backgrounds don’t want to hear it or believe it’s happening here, even when it is, and even though many people are suffering because of it.

  6. Blythe Benton
    Blythe Benton says:

    “He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret to life” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Perhaps one day we shall look at each other and not judge by our skin. During these difficult and unprecedented times, I can only hope that I can set an example to my Chinese/Caucasian family, that learning the secret to life does encompass fear, but we need not to be ruled by it. Serenity, courage and wisdom…most of us have the ability to try, and perhaps grace and hope are not as fleeting as many may feel they are. From a first generation Canadian.

  7. Sue
    Sue says:

    Glad she got fired. This is not, in the least, funny. I am surprised she is University student.

  8. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    Not convinced malicious intent was involved here, it saddens me to see/hear such hatred towards someone who they know nothing off apart from what someone posted…seemly in bad faith…so are we all now judge…jury & executioner, like the cop who murdered George Floyd?

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