ACAO Business and Resource Committee

Black Canadians constitute 1 million of the Canadian population. This number is projected to double by 2036. Today, black communities across Canadian face unique challenges that affect their integration into the greater Canadian economy. Poverty abounds in the community due to inherent systemic racism and discrimination that have worked together to ensure less than optimal economic conditions for the black community.

We have unique opportunity to come together to chat our own course to improve our socio-economic conditions. Black owned enterprises and businesses are increasingly becoming a reality. If you believe in ACAO’s mission of working to lift blacks up economically, join us. Specifically, this Committee is:

  • Establishing a robust network that will support the creation of wealth for the community e.g. ACAO Chamber of Commerce, ACAO Credit Union
  • Establishing strategic business and trade relationships with companies, governments, and other associations e.g. Ottawa Chamber of Commerce etc.
  • Organizing economic, finance and business forums to educate the community on such topics as savings and investments, financial management, etc.


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