April 28, 2020

Ottawa, Ontario,


Ottawa Police Racist Meme

For Immediate Release

The African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO) is disappointed and saddened by the baffling, multi-prong setback that has befallen the Ottawa Police Service in recent days. We condemn in no uncertain terms the overt acts of racism depicted by the creators of the meme. This needless meme was aimed to cause confusion, pose danger to our racialized officers and derail the ongoing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

We salute the Service’s dedication to duty during the current coronavirus crisis, and its professional service to the community, as we all cooperate and coordinate our best efforts to exit this disaster intact, and as quickly as possible.

We especially salute Chief Peter Sloly as he strides relentlessly to rebuild this organization, so that it can reflect the image and values of the community it serves.

However, we strongly deplore the persistence by some misguided members of the Ottawa Police Service, who have chosen to resort to nasty, regrettably racist characterizations of visible minority members of our esteemed community, even as we struggle, as equals, to fight off this unprecedented health calamity that has befallen our global village.

Their actions are regrettable and have no place in a forward-looking organization that seeks to serve with competence and professionalism, prioritizing intelligence over racist innuendo.

We extend our support to the dedicated professionals and communities thus targeted.

We applaud Chief Peter Sloly’s swift and unmitigated response to this setback, and declare our continued support to the Service, as it rebuilds to better serve our diverse community.

We will continue to support the Chief’s progressive position, just as we welcome the changing attitudes, we have observed amongst the Police Service’s numerous true, dedicated professionals in blue, who have committed to learning and growing under a new regime of Police-Community cooperation in mutual respect.

Godlove Ngwafusi

Director, Equity and Anti-Racism Committee


613-663-2940 x102