The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has reportedly terminated the sister of Shania Lavallee, an Ottawa woman who allegedly posted a Snapchat video online that seemed to be mocking George Floyd’s death.

Her sister, Justine Lavallee, had indicated on her social media profile that she was a Program Officer at the CBSA.

In a screenshot of the now-deleted video recorded by Shania, Justine is seen pinned to the ground with her boyfriend kneeling on top of her, while he holds her hands behind her back.

Shania told VICE they were just “play-fighting as they regularly do” and “in no way were making fun of or minimizing the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd.”

After concluding their investigation, CBSA President John Ossowski issued the following statement:

“The CBSA became aware of a social media post and immediately investigated the situation.

“As an organization that represents all Canadians and is very diverse, we hold our employees to a high level of professionalism and integrity.

“The person in question was a casual employee at the Agency who worked in a non frontline capacity.

“The individual no longer works at the CBSA.”

The video is one of many like it circulating online as the protests against George Floyd’s killing continue to spread worldwide.