Financial Education

The goal of the Financial Education Program for Black Families is to empower black individuals and families with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to improve their financial well-being, build generational wealth, and create a strong financial foundation for their families. By providing comprehensive financial education, we aim to equip participants with the tools and strategies to make informed financial decisions, manage their personal finances effectively, and navigate financial challenges and opportunities.


Credit Canada is a vital confirmed partner for our initiative. They will play a pivotal role in providing credit counselling services to participants. Their expertise in credit and debt management, along with their commitment to financial education, enhances the depth and quality of the services we can offer.

TD supports educational initiatives that empower individuals and put them on a path towards lifelong learning and economic success. Financial Literacy is crucial for achieving Financial Security. TD helps people gain confidence by providing access to tools and programs that can increase financial skills and knowledge for the digital age.

The Credit Counselling Society is an accredited non-profit that helps Canadians solve their money problems. They provide free credit counselling, low-cost debt solutions, and education to help people manage their money better.



Program Overview

Introduction to the Financial Education Program for Black Families

Program objectives and goals

Importance of financial literacy and empowerment in building generational wealth

Delivery Methods

In-person workshops and seminars AND Financial Clinics 

Online learning platforms and modules

Group discussions and interactive activities

Guest speakers and industry experts with a focus on black financial professionals

Case studies and real-life examples highlighting black success stories

Resources and Support

Access to educational materials and resources tailored to black families

Financial tools and calculators specific to family financial planning

One-on-one financial coaching and counseling services

Networking opportunities with other black families and financial professionals

Partnerships with local community organizations and financial institutions

Evaluation and Impact Measurement

Pre and post-assessment of participants’ financial knowledge and skills 

Gathering feedback and testimonials from participants

Tracking participants’ financial progress and achievements

Conducting program effectiveness surveys and evaluations

Continuous improvement and program enhancements based on feedback


Summary of the Financial Education Program for Black Families

Empowerment for participants to take control of their family’s financial future

Next steps and recommended resources for ongoing learning and support


Module 1: Understanding Financial Basics

Introduction to financial concepts and terminology

Budgeting and managing household finances

Saving and investing for short-term and long-term goals

Understanding credit and managing debt

Accessing and utilizing financial services effectively

Module 2: Building a Strong Financial Foundation 

Goal setting and financial planning

Emergency fund establishment and management

Insurance and risk management

Estate planning and legacy building

Building and maintaining good credit

Module 3: Investing and Wealth Building Strategies

Introduction to investment options (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) 

Risk management and diversification

Retirement planning and savings

Building passive income streams

Impact investing and supporting black-owned businesses

Module 4: Homeownership and Mortgage Management

Benefits of homeownership and steps to homeownership 

Mortgage financing options and considerations

Home maintenance and cost management

Refinancing and home equity management

Building equity and generational wealth through homeownership

Module 5: Navigating Financial Challenges and Opportunities

Financial resilience during economic downturns 

Navigating student loans and higher education financing

Entrepreneurship and small business finance

Addressing systemic financial barriers and

Strategies for overcoming financial setbacks and


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